Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Lovin' and a Freebie

With summer among us, I'm sure many of us have done many (well, maybe some) things on your Summer Bucket List, and.....
I am sure many of you are preparing (maybe even planning) for your return to home away from home (school). Yes, I am guilty too. However, I mainly have been loving my summer break-Sunshine (until 8:30/8:45 p.m.), relaxed schedule, lots of family time, pool, beach, farmers' market, berry and veggie picking, fun with friends, visiting family, vacation, kids sleeping in (well at least 2--but for the past week all 3 and, I've been getting up later too.), meeting hubby for lunch dates, catching up on house projects, tutoring, at home learning with my kids, library, movies, and the list goes on......

Then, reality sets in or my teammate says, "Let's talk business." (Meaning-Let's talk about Meet the Teacher, binders, supplies, procedures, behavior management, and the list goes on.....). So I get to thinking, reflecting, and dreaming. Then, I sit down to create new games, activities, and practice or edit things that I created.  I teach Math, Science, and Social Studies. Last year, I used the UPS check problem solving method. This is a previous post.
Here is my newest set of posters. This will be a limited time freebie. Then, I will place it in my store. I ask you leave a comment and become a follower to my blog. (I am in process of figuring out how to add the Facebook button again. I had it, but all was lost when my total blog was wiped. See previous AHHH! post

What is on your Summer Bucket List? What have you completed?
What are you preparing and planning for school? Be sure to grab your freebie and leave a comment

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