Sunday, June 22, 2014

Signposts in Reading (Freebies!!!)

Hey y'all!  This summer I've been reading the book Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading by Kylene Beers and Robert E. Probst (I'm sure you've heard of it or seen it floating around Pinterest).  All I have to say is it is INSPIRING!  At first it made me a little nervous because it looked a smidge "textbookish" to me but it got rave reviews so I thought I would join up with a book study and give it a chance.  At least with a book study if I didn't love it, they would still keep me on track to finish it and have good ideas to share, lol.  Well no worries apparently!  It is a fabulous read (very easy and smooth) and has some wonderful ideas to use in your classroom.  Here is a little four minute clip from the authors that explains their purpose for this book.

One of my favorite parts of the book was the signposts you use as you read.  After reading this section of the book I can already tell that these six signposts are going to change my entire reading block!  Not only do they make the reader stop and think but it also leads them to comprehend certain literary elements (even the hard ones like theme!) without even realizing it.  Click on my button below to head on over to my blog and read more in depth about the six signposts and snag a few freebies to help implement them into your classroom!  Here is just a little sneak peek ;o)

Happy Sunday Y'all!

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  1. Sabra,
    I love the bookmark idea for this and the ability for kids to check them off as they move through books and find the information. Thanks for sharing


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