Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Six Syllable Types

One of the big goals for our third graders is to be able to read multi-syllabic words. One of the most helpful things we can teach them is to learn to recognize the six syllable types so that they can break apart multisyllabic words into decodable units.

If you need a refresher course in the six syllable types, start by visiting the Reading Rockets website by clicking {HERE}. Read their article on the six types of syllables for some background knowledge. Be sure you click on the link for syllable games, too.

For some ready-to-print syllable activities for your literacy stations, check out the information at the Florida Center for Reading Research by clicking {HERE}. If you visit only one website this summer as you are preparing for next year, this should be the site!

I've posted a quick freebie for reviewing closed syllables on my blog. Click on the pic below to get your copy!

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