Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bulletin Board Design

Hey everyone!

I know some of you are back to school and some of you are headed there soon, so I wanted to talk to you about bulletin boards!

I must admit, for someone that doesn't have a classroom, I love doing bulletin boards! I always offer my assistance to my friends and they dislike bulletin boards. It's a win-win!

One of my favorite bulletin boards I've ever done was this one.

I loved finding a background to pop with a scrunchy border. All I did was cut strips of black butcher paper up and scrunched and stapled. My friend was away in Florida for a week and came back to this surprise. Even the kids loved it!

I also love making bulletin boards 3-D and interactive.

Kids can lift the flaps on the frogs, touch the eggs (beads hot glued on to bubble wrap), and more! Two of us put this up and it took over an hour. And the background was from last year, so she didn't have to have that repainted, but I did some touch ups.

I have some more bulletin board ideas here.

Hope these gave you some ideas!

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