Thursday, July 17, 2014

Word Up! A Word Cloud Symbaloo Board

Word Cloud Generators have been around since the dawn of the wireless modem (that's a really long time in tech years).  Kids and teachers love them because they're quick and easy to integrate and look pretty.  That's right, I said pretty.  

The only way to make them better would be to put them in an accessible place that everyone could reach.  Drumroll, please................I put together a Symbaloo board with 12 world-renowned word cloud generators. 

Now your students (or you) can pick which one they'd like to use.  Some of these are new to myself, but you've got the classics like Tagxedo, Wordle, ABCya.  There's some newbies that you might not have ever heard of--so check those out too.

Take some time, bookmark this for the new year, and get your kids creating.  
A couple of ideas for using word cloud generators include:
  • Poetry unit: Pick a poem and insert the words.
  • All about Myself:  Students write words they think will describe them the best (great for beginning of the year, get-to-know-you).
  • Adjectives, Nouns, & Verbs:  Lot of choices here describe rooms, objects, people, subject areas, and more.
  • Character Traits from Novels:  Pick a character and write about his traits.
  • Parent Gift:  Students describe parents/guardian and then print it out (include frame if possible). 
  • Create class posters
  • Class list, let everyone get a copy too. 
  •  Social Studies:  Historical characters and their significance.

Here is a quick on I used with Word Mosaic.  
I kind of like it.  It is pretty (and totally me).


BarCATlounger totally thinks you check this out.


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  1. Are you going to share this Symbaloo? I was wondering since I have it too and would love to add it to my collection. THANKS


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