Saturday, July 12, 2014

Science Fair: The First Grade Way!

Happy Weekend to all my friends here at Class*y!
I have been MIA for a short while...Off getting married and honeymooning in Italy!  (Which was absolutely incredible by the way!)  I'd like to throwback a very amazing treat that inspired me to start a NEW tradition in my first grade classroom this year.
In previous years, I have always finished out the year with a Fairytales Unit and Reader's Theater Play.  This year's class voted to do something completely different.  I was so proud of the kids when the votes were tallied and the winning project would be a class science fair!  I immediately got online and searched for ideas and of course, found this fabulous freebie on TPT to get me started.
 Click here or on the image below to grab it!
 Science Fair Student How-To Guide
I found some Pinterest-inspired sites that referenced first grade science fair ideas so I made a list of about 20 ideas and had each student choose which project they wanted to research.  The parents received a copy of the above-mentioned student guide over spring break in April and had the entire month of May to work on the project.  
We held our science fair over the last three school days (8 to 9 students presented each day).
Of course, I was lucky enough to have the empty room next door to set up all the projects.
I was absolutely blown away by the excitement, anticipation and effort put into these awesome science projects!  Take a peek!

Hazel's LIVE ACTION video feed:

I did take points and assess three major areas of each project. (Oral Presentation, Materials, and Scientific Method). I then created these cute Young Scientist Awards that included the final grade for each student.
I made this document editable so if you'd like to use it, click here!

It was an incredible first grade experience to have a science fair this year!  I am definitely putting it on the agenda for next year and many more to come!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone,

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  1. I love this!! It looks like your class had a great time learning!!
    Mrs.Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  2. I love that you still do science fair. I know they're a lot of work and parents can end up doing them, but when kids and parents work together on them --it can be a beautiful thing. Experiments are cool.


  3. As a math and science specialist, it is wonderful to see you inspiring a love of science at such an early age. It is obvious from your photos that the students showed rigour in their projects, and they had FUN doing the experiments. Thanks for sharing with us!


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