Sunday, July 20, 2014

Insect Fun

My son is all about the bugs these days.  We've been having fun learning together this summer, but when he started asking a lot of bug questions, I knew I had to follow his lead. The first question was What is an insect? To help us fully understand the answer to this question, we did a few different activities. 

We got some plastic bugs and did this "checklist" for each bug. 

Then we sorted them: insect/not an insect

We created our own insects 
(We made sure to include all the characteristics of an insect-except the exoskeleton of course)

He ended up making a few...

We went on many many bug hunts over the past week! 

When he found a bug, he loved getting out that magnifying glass to count the legs. 

To read more about our insect adventures and how I would do this in the classroom, head on over to my blog. 

There is also a little freebie waiting for you:

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