Sunday, July 13, 2014

Computer Lab {Stuck in a Rut}

Hi friends, Whitney from The Crazy Schoolteacher here.  Computer Lab…we have a love/hate relationship.  I LOVE the technology and incorporating what we are learning into computer lab, but I get stuck in a rut sometimes. Sure there are tons of resources online, but I want a quality site that is also F-R-E-E!! 

Here are my “go to” websites…

What are your "go to" websites?  Let’s work together…comment and leave your favorite {FREE} website and what grade level it is appropriate for.  Later, I’ll compile a list of websites for us all to have going into a new school year.

To get us started, I thought I'd share a freebie.  Click here to grab these free, editable computer log-in cards.  

Don't forget to comment below to share your favorite {FREE} website!



  1. The students in my class loved They can play free math games either anonymously or with friends. I just required that the whole class use the same password for their private challenges so any classmate could join in, including myself! They loved trying to beat the teacher in math fact recall.

  2. We love and Sumdog for building our math skills. I also use ( the free portion).

  3. Add Scootpad (K-5) and Starfall (PreK-2) to your list.

  4. Never heard of Cookie before--THANK YOU--I'll be using it!


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