Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello! New Kid In The Class

Hey everyone!

I feel like the new kid in the class, but a class that is super awesome and nice!

I'm Tanja! You may know me from my blog Journey of a Substitute Teacher.

Hmm, what to say about me. Currently a substitute teacher for grades K-5 and even sub for specialists like music, library (my fave!), and P.E.

 I live in the beautiful (and wet) state of Oregon! Go Ducks!

Tulip Fields

Our Coast

Oh I guess I should post a pic of me before I go further, lol! That's me :)

I help teach 3 classes once a month at my friend's hardware store. Here's from last October.

 If you know me, I can be a goofball (why am I putting this on the internet, I don't know!)

 I love traveling and camping! (Mt. Hood in the background).

 This is my furbaby, Checkers. Love her so much and her little checkered face!

I love cooking and baking. I'm eating healthier now, so I am always experimenting and testing out new recipes (I usually post on my IG account @teacherjourney).

Whew! Enough about me now! I'm so excited and happy to be here, I just had to whip up a new freebie, just for you guys!!!

Click here to grab!


  1. So happy to have you join us! Love all the pictures. The coast line is gorgeous where you live...I was watching a travel show last night that featured the coast of Oregon. Your freebie is perfect for back to school organization!

  2. Tanja, SO happy to have you part of our blog!! Thank you for the fabulous freebie my friend! :)
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