Friday, January 16, 2015

Newsela!!! Current Events Lexiled and all!!

Hi everyone!!! Nicole here from All Things Apple to share an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. website today!!! A good friend of mine shared this site with me this week, and I am seriously obsessed with it!! With the need for more nonfiction texts and practice, this website is quite frankly a gem!!

Welcome to Newsela!!!

Ok, so you may be asking, what's so great about this website? Well, let me answer that for you!
1. The articles are all on current events. You receive a daily email with new current events articles as well. You can read them online OR print them out in a very nice layout!!! So VERSATILE!!!
2. Each article has up to 4 different Lexile Levels to choose from for students!!! OH MY WORD!! Awesome!!! DIFFERENTIATION!! Once you set up your class, it will automatically select the grade level appropriate Lexile Level for the article chosen. However, you can still pick a different level if necessary. So far, the lowest Lexile Level I have come across was in the 300s.
3. After you've set up your class, you can assign specific articles. You can even hide articles you don't want them to read. Many of the articles have quizzes along with them too. You are able to track everything as well!
4. You can have your students sign up with the classroom code, and this allows them to go to the Binder to read the assigned articles.
5. ANNOTATION!!! You and your students can annotate text by simply highlighting sections with your cursor and clicking on a highlighter color. You can even write notes with the annotation!!! AND the teacher can respond to the comments!!! WOW, right?!?
So basically, you MUST GO CHECK THIS OUT!! :) I'm so excited to get my kids going with this website!!! I may even use it during Literature Circles!!

Have you ever used this website before?? If you have, how have you used it in your own classroom? We would love to know!!

Hope you all enjoy this!!! Make sure to visit me over at my blog, All Things Apple (formerly All Things Apple in 2nd :)!!

Nicole :)

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