Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vocabulary Parade + a Freebie!!

Hey there!!! How is everyone doing?? Are you in disbelief that it's only 78 days away from Christmas?!? hah :) I LOVE Christmastime, but I also LOVE all the time before including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the anticipation of Christmas. The smells, colors, foods, gatherings, and on and on and on are magical to say the least!!

OK, OK, I need to stop daydreaming about all of these things and get to my post! :) Otherwise, I'd probably be up grabbing another Halloween Oreo. haha So good!


I don't know about you, but it wasn't always my favorite thing to teach. Mainly because I thought the words from the basals were silly. However, with Reading Wonders, the only one thing I am liking is the vocabulary words. They are mostly comprised of Tier 2 words (with some Tier 3) that kids will see throughout their readings not just in content rich activities.

With the limited time we have, I needed to find engaging ways to help my kids practice the vocabulary words. After being inspired by the book, Word Nerds, I decided that my kids were going to WEAR the words! Each exposure to the word will help lock it into their memory!


Here are the steps that I use to get this all started!

*Notes from above post-it: 
2. I use a lot of activities from the Interactive Vocabulary Notebooks set by Abby Mullins from The Inspired Apple!
5. Here is an EDITABLE version of the vocabulary cards for you to try it out for yourself!! Click on either of the pictures below to download the EDITABLE PowerPoint! 

7. If you want to read more about the monthly Book Raffle that we have in my room, click HERE or on the picture below!! 
8. Want to see more pictures from our Vocabulary Parade??? Click HERE to go to my blog for more information!!! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about our Vocabulary Parade and received enough information to get your very own Vocabulary Parade going!!! I would love to hear how it goes for you if you try it out in your own room too!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!

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