Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mobile Writing Conferences!!!

Hi there!! How's the week going?? It's Nicole, from All Things Apple, and I've been on fall break for almost 2 weeks now so I'm getting ready to head back on Monday. :( hah I'm excited to start some new procedures and activities though!! So I wanted to share something I've been doing with my writer's workshop!! I love teaching writing, but I have to say, I don't like grading it! hah Nonetheless, I feel like my kids are truly enjoying writing this year. Now, at times, I sit and reflect and honestly have no idea what I've done differently to get ALL the kids loving writing especially since this is my 2nd year with these kids since I looped to 3rd with them! However, then I realize, I enjoy it more this year. I've found that it is one of my favorite times of the day! One reason for this is my MOBILE writing conferences!! That's right...MOBILE!!! Everything else is mobile these days, why not make conferencing mobile as well! :)
Instead of having my students come to me during conferences, I go to them!! I join THEM in THEIR writing spaces! No interruptions, no loss of instructional time, limited to no behavior problems, and I show them that I respect their writing time and space for that matter. I carry around this toolkit you see in the above photo! This way I have EVERYTHING I need to do a quick mini-lesson, write down notes, practice a skill, etc. with my students.
To read a more in depth description of how this looks in my room, click HERE to hop on over to my blog!!! I'm going to leave you with a quote from one of my most reluctant writers last year!! This is from just a few weeks ago.
Thanks so much for stopping by!!! 
Nicole :)

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  1. LOVING this! I can't wait to read more over at your blog!


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