Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Apple Tasting Freebies

Hi everyone! It's Sarah here from Sarah's First Grade Snippets. Today I have a little snippet that works for all of our primary grades! 

You already know I love me some apples! It is one of my favorite units ever! I've already blogged about my apple unit, but I had to add one more thing. This isn't part of my apple unit, but I'm giving it away as a freebie for you all today. I made a way less cute version of this my first year of teaching first grade. I think I even might have shared it here on my blog a few years ago. But that is so embarrassing because it is really not cute! I think I even drew in my own faces, which is not a pretty sight. Well, I've updated it. I have two freebies for you today. (One you can get here and one you can get over at my blog.)

I was inspired because I had my own apple tasting with my family last night. My son is doing his own apple unit in kindergarten and he wanted to do a tasting. Of course I was super stoked about that. The apple tasting was one of my favorite parts! It's also a great way to get kids started with using their senses and recoding their "data". 

If you want your students to write about it, I also made this little freebie:

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