Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Parts of a Sentence FREEBIE!

Phew! Time sure does fly when you're busy! I can't believe it's almost October & we've been in school for 7 weeks already! We've been learning all about sentences...& have nearly mastered subject & predicate. It's amazing what first & second graders can do.....I swear I didn't learn about subjects & predicates until upper elementary. How about you?

Anyway -- I just wanted to share with you a powerpoint I made for my class about subjects & predicates. Just click the picture below to download from my dropbox!



  1. wow just when I was planning my leson! thank you!

  2. Love this PowerPoint- We're teaching it next week and this will be great. Thanks!

  3. Great graphics! I believe you entered subject in the predicate spot. I'll check later, love everything you make!

  4. Yeah!! Thank you Brenda... just taught Subject and Predicate last week ;)

  5. Thanks for sharing this! After I download it, is is supposed to open in powerpoint? Mine did not, so the arrows and circled words are not lining up properly. Am I doing something wrong?


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