Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Using Puzzles for Sight Words

I love using puzzles to help build sight word recognition and fluency as a workstation activity! It's one of the easiest, low-prep stations I've done, and even better? My kiddos

LOVE it!

You really can't ask for better than that, can you? I mean, easy prep, effective practice, and high engagement....does it get any better?!

Check it out...
At the workstation, kiddos turn all the pieces over. Taking turns, they read the word on the back of each piece. If it's read correctly, they turn it over. As soon as ALL the pieces have been turned over, kiddos get to put the puzzle together. That's where the fluency piece comes into play: their goal is to get that puzzle put together, so they read the words as quickly as they can! Awesome!

I'd love to have you stop over at my blog to read more about this workstation -- how to get it all set up, more about storage. AND ----- there may or may not be a giveaway for you!!



  1. LOVE this idea, Brenda! Pinning now! Thanks!

    Megan :)

  2. That looks like an awesome idea.....and puzzles are super cheap at the dollar store! Great idea!

    Mind Sparks


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