Friday, April 25, 2014

Spread a little sunshine my way... (Freebie)

One of my favourite things to do as a teacher is to send home a good note...something I call a sunshine note. I think we too often communicate with home only about the negative things or situations that concern us so it's important to recognize when students are doing good things are praise them for those achievements loudly and enthusiastically.

I've created a new product to help you do just that.

My plan to create a whole series of Sunshine Notes that you can use through out the school year and I've started with some cheery Spring notes.

These cards will help you send home a little sunshine to your students and their parents. 

Each card has a spring illustration and plenty of room to write a personalized note about the student's great behaviour, academic success or general kindness to others. 

There are 16 cards that include a small motivational praise and 8 cards that are completely blank. All 24 cards have a cute spring graphic to help spread a little more cheer!

But that's not all...

I'm sure many of you ...
(probably all of you...because, 
c'mon we're teachers and LOVE office supplies) 
already have a great stash of cute papers for sending home sunshine notes. Well, if that's the case I still hope you will check out my sunshine notes AND download my free Sunshine Notes Tracker!!

Use this organizational tool to help you track which students have received a “sunshine note”. Check off a box or write in the date each time you send home a note praising a student. Over the course of the term you will be able to see which students are working hard to receive a sunshine note, who needs to try a little harder, or whose efforts haven’t been recognized often enough.

Makes a great reference for when the end of the term arrives and you are writing report card comments! 

How do you spread a little sunshine?
I'd love to hear about other great ideas.

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