Sunday, April 27, 2014

Slate Games!

I feel like in 1st grade, I'm constantly spiraling skills that my kids have learned throughout the year.  Prior to every Math lesson, I do some sort of review activity of old schools.  This is done daily and only takes about 5 minutes.  Sometimes it's a worksheet, sometimes it's an oral review/discussion, and sometimes it's a quick game.  One game that both my kids and I love playing is "The Slate Game."  This is SUPER-EASY to set up and can be done on the fly if you are in a pinch.  This game can take as much or as little time as you'd like.  It's a fabulous way to get an assessment of skills from kids without them knowing.  Here's how we play:

Divide the class into rows of 4 or 5.  Give a slate, marker, and eraser to the person at the front of each row. I have these answer boards from Learning Resources and love them!   

Write the team numbers/names on the board so you can keep score.  I keep score with tally marks.  Tell students which skill you'll be working on first.  It's important to really model this because they may get mixed up while writing.   I usually do one on my board first to show them.  Call out a problem and they will solve it and write it.  For Math races, I always put up the number grid for them.  Once every team has an answer, I check the boards and we go over the answer.  Each team that has the answer correct gets a point.  This is important to me, because that way the students who process things slower still get a chance to win!  The person in the front passes the slate, marker, and eraser to the person behind him and the game continues.  

This is always a great time!  It can be used to review virtually any skill!  We use it for Phonics, Sight Words, Math, and more!  

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