Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Quiet Game

In our classroom, we like to play "The Quiet Game."  It's a very simple, yet engaging game that keeps kids accountable for their own actions and behavior.  We play during whole-group lessons, during centers, and during seat work time.  We try to play 2-3 times per day.  Here's how we play:  divide your class into groups; you decide how many you want in a group.  When we play during whole-group lessons, I have the kids sit in rows on the rug.  When we play during seat work time, they play in their tables, which are made up of groups of 4-5.  Keep track of the teams on your board or a sticky note.  For example, if you are playing on the rug in 3 rows, you would have this on your board:


Set the kids up for success.  Talk about what things you should see them doing during the game/lesson. Talk about what things you shouldn't see during the game/lesson.  You will decide what you want the negative behaviors to be.  I do talking, shouting out, getting up without permission, and touching someone/something. Tell students that each time you see one of the above behaviors, you will mark a tally next to their team. Tell them they need to get __ or less tally marks during the game/lesson to win a fun activity.  I do 3 or less but you can do more if you are just trying want them to win the first few times to get them excited!

As you teach your lesson, any time that your students do any of the above behaviors, mark a tally mark.  At the end, whichever teams have __or less tally marks win a prize!  Select a prize from your prize bucket and have the kids enjoy!  The prizes are mostly free, simple activities that take 5 minutes or less.

For a free copy of the quiet game directions and prize cards, click below!


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