Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year's Fun and a Free Font For You!

Isn't this week so weird? It seems like the whole world missed at least two days, due to weather. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Well, we had fun with a New Year's Craft and journaling today. Check it out.

JOURNAL CREDIT - January February Common Core


Although, I'm back in the swing of things in my chilly school, my sleep schedule is behaving like it's still Winter Break. Yikes! Then I drink a 5 hour energy because I'm so exhausted during the day and here I am, right back into the vicious cycle.
Do not fear. Tomorrow is Friday. 

Friday means freebies, but why wait? 

Would you like a free font?
Here ya go!


I just added 8 new fonts and I have 5 Valentine's fonts available, too! Check some of them out in THIS POST.
Oh, and THAT POST also tells you an easy way to grab another new font for free and enter to win some $50 gift cards! Why wouldn't you?

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