Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to Catch a Snowflake! FREEBIE!

We had a crazy week last week......two snow days, a 2 hour delay, and one full day....CraZy!
You can guess what was on everyone's mind........

So we decided to harness that excitement into an art activity and some writing. 
First, we talked about catching a snowflake....what it feels like....what you have to do to catch one.
Next, we did the art activity and the planner.
Then we worked on turning the planner into polished writing. We're still polishing them, so I don't have pictures of the writing for you....but they are!

To grab a copy of the planner & writing papers, just click on the image below!

Happy Winter!


  1. How generous of you to share such a wonderful activity!! Your kids did a fantastic job on the artwork!
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  2. Brenda, I am LOVING this!!! What an amazing freebie. This is adorable and common-core aligned. You rock!! Perfect for the hallway display, especially since there is a fabulous writing connection. Thanks!

  3. We made our catching snowflakes faces last week! So excited to use the writing papers with my firsties! Thanks so much!


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