Friday, January 24, 2014

Dental Health Awareness

     The other day, I went to see my dentist {After 2 years of no visits. I know that's bad of me, but I am terrified of the dentist}. Oh my goodness! I am now definitely regretting not going to see my dentist regularly. I have 5 horrible cavities that need to be fixed. I have two appointments setup, in February, to get started on this long trek of fixing these issues. Now if I can just grin and bare it, I think I should be fine. *cringe*

     As I am sure you already know, February is Dental Health Awareness month. I need to be a good example on my kids, and show them that it's important to take care of their teeth. I have two daughters, they are 2 and 4 years old. I am a former preschool teacher, and now a stay-at-home-mom. I teach my kids by example, practice and routine. Obviously, we brush our teeth. It's not my kids' favorite thing to do. I have read small stories to them about germs that can affect our bodies, and teeth. They have giggled at the silly stories many times. My four year old is starting to understand that if we don't take care of our teeth, they can get hurt. Lately, she has seen that because I have been suffering from tooth pain. She tries to comfort me, the best that she can. It's amazing how much she understands, and is learning from this experience.

     I know you already have tons of ideas on how to teach kids, how to properly care for their teeth. However, it's important to practice over and over again. Make it a healthy habit of brushing and flossing. We can't forget to make, and keep our dental appointments too. The dentist is there to help us. He or she isn't trying to scare us. {It's hard even for me to remember that!} Encourage your kids to keep practicing brushing and flossing. If you can, take your kids on a field trip to the dentist office. Take a tour through the office, and talk to the dentists or even a dental assistant about the activities that go on in a dentist office. These are the things that just might ease each child's fear of the dentist, and their office.

     Now before I leave, I would like to ask you just one question that I saw posted in my dentist office... That was: "What Are You Smiling About?" :D I am smiling, because I am finally going to take care of my teeth. I am smiling, because I will have courage to take care of my teeth! What about you?


  1. Yes. Let this consciousness beam through every pore of your being, and every faculty of your comprehension. It doesn't hurt to make your teeth shine with proper hygiene and expert treatment. It's all about finding the balance between happiness and casual education.

    Back Mountain Dental

  2. Forgetting dental appointments will eventually lead to more cavities. Two years is such a very long gap, and it’s highly recommended to visit your dentist after every three months. Anyway, I hope all your cavities are gone by now. How are you? :)

    Arun Narang

  3. This is a must-read! Some really don’t see the importance of visiting a dentist unless they found out that there’s a problem. But why should we wait for a problem to arise if we could prevent it from happening, right? Raising awareness like this is really helpful. Also, it’s good to hear that you faced your fear just to be a good example to your kids. Hopefully many will do the same for theirs.



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