Thursday, May 1, 2014

Possessive Nouns Scoot!

I love using photos of my kiddos in my instruction. They puff their little chests out with pride when we are using their pictures. It makes learning personal!

One of my favorite activities was a review of possessive nouns. First, I took a picture of me holding as many objects as I could carry. 

Then, I took a picture of each child holding something, trying to choose something silly. The child below is trying to hold a chair over his head.

I attached each photo to a sheet of paper and placed one on each child's desk.

We played Scoot and moved to each picture. The kids loved using the name of the child in the photo as a possessive noun in a sentence.
The didn't even realized they were practicing.

Have you used photos in your classroom?
Check my blog for my ideas.

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  1. Great way to engage the students.....Love this idea. Thank you!


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