Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Graduation Decoration Ideas Throwback Post

For sixth grade graduation each year, I have the students create a "collage" on a silhouette which I purchased from a local party store.  Unfortunately, this year the store has gone out of business and I could not find pre-made silhouettes to use.  I took a silhouette from a previous year and created templates for both a girl and boy graduate.  Each student received a quarter sheet of black bristol board, and they cut out their own silhouette. 
  Well this year (2013) I could not find the images again AND I don't have a template from previous I am going to have the students trace each other using an overhead projector and make a silhouette of their own head.  It's too bad they won't have the mortar board and certificate, but I will have to make due.  If you find the silhouette cutouts~grab em!  I had them add their name across the scroll part on the bottom, and decorate the rest using photos, images from the internet and items cut out from magazines.  They added glitter, felt stickers and ribbon to make them more eye catching.

Each silhouette was then mounted on a red or blue star which I had also purchased at a party store.  (I was smart and kept these to reuse them!)  These are then displayed on the wall behind the stage for graduation.    The students always do a wonderful job, and they get to keep the silhouette as a memento of their time at our school.

UPDATE 2014: Each year I try to change up how we celebrate graduation.  This year I am going to add "mortar board" hats to the silhouettes.  I found the mortar board cut outs at Dollar Tree and could not resist.  I keep looking for the silhouette cutouts pictured above but just can't find them.  I figure that having the students cut out their own silhouette and adding the mortar board will be even better!  I'll try to post some pictures of the final products!

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  1. I remember doing silhouettes with an overhead projector when I graduated.
    Thanks for this.
    Thinking of Teaching


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