Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hi there!

Hi, my name is Analia, but everybody calls me Ana. I live in Argentina, a beautiful country in South America. I teach English as a second language to PreK-12 Kids.
I also teach English to my sweetest students, my niece and nephew! They are 5 and 2 and lOvE English! I am the author behind Ingles 360 - Bilingual Fun! 

One of my favourite centers is the Writing center. I love writing and I love thinking of new ways to improve my kids' writing skills. These are some writing sticks that I made for my older kids. They loved talking about their favourite things. I printed, cut, and laminated them for durability.

Kids picked up one of the sticks and wrote a few sentences using it. They changed sticks when finished.

Download them HERE.



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  2. Not sure what all that is behind my name. BUT! I wanted to say thanks for the Freebie. I also wanted to tell you that I teach in Okinawa, Japan. Although all my students are American children whose parents are in the military, so english speaking.
    Anyway, Thanks!
    The Teacher Next Door

  3. I love these!! Thanks for sharing Ana:)


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