Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello, Hello! And a FREEBIE for you!!

Welcome to our new collaborative blog!! We are SO excited to get this up and running! You can expect this to be a sort of clearinghouse for amazing teaching ideas, inspiration, and of course, FREEBIES!! Make sure you click that little Follow on Bloglovin' button over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You won't want to miss a single post! We're cooking up an awesome Welcome Pack for followers, so be on the look out for that!

In the meantime, I'd like to share this as my welcome & thank you to you for following...
Just click the pic to download. (No worries...the watermark won't be there on your copy!)

 This is just so, so true.....isn't it? I can think of a couple of my sweeties right off the bat who fit this bill! I'm planning to hang this in my classroom. Just in case I need that reminder. Hope you enjoy this, too!

Happy Blogging! Brenda


  1. I love this!!! Thanks so much for the freebie! I am excited to follow your new blog!
    First Grade Funtastic

  2. Thanks, ladies. I'm fixing a copy for the teacher's workroom. http://mrsbrownthebookworm.blogspot.com/

  3. What a great quote! I can think of many children I know who fit this! Thanks for the freebie! i'm printing this out for both of my schools!

    1. I know...right? Sometimes it makes my heart hurt. It's a good reminder when we get into one of those moments of frustration. Glad you like it!

  4. Love this!! My friend always says to find at least ONE good thing about that child for that day. She always tells them that they have great socks! :) But we can always give compliments and love in some sort of way..no matter how hard they make it for us!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  5. Wow ya'll. How cool is this??? All of your other personal blogs are so creative and fun I am sure this collaborative blog is going to knock all of our socks off:) I have nominated your new blog for the Leibster award:)

  6. Thank you! So true...I need to pray for those kids even more than the rest and pray for my attitude towards them as well..firm but caring!
    The Apple Basket Teacher


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