Saturday, November 8, 2014

#39 weeks

Hello November! I'm just popping in really quick to let you know about a couple of freebies I have recently uploaded into my store :)

My due date (I have a scheduled cesarean) is in a few days and I just finished up this little pack of printables as a FREEBIE! If you download, please remember to be kind and leave feedback :)

I created a set of clipart to use, which you can purchase by clicking below if you're looking for more baby things:
Another FREEBIE I'm excited about is these Kindness Elf notes!
I recently read a blog post (click below) and it inspired me to create some clipart and a little set of note cards to use. Check out the blog post and see what it's all about :)
And here are the FREEBIE Kindness Elves!
The next time I post, I'll have a sweet little newborn to tell you all about :) Until then, I hope you have a great November!

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  1. Thank you for the freebies and the best of luck with the birth, meeting your new baby and of course your recovery :)


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