Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring into Science, Hop into Reading, and More!

Hello! I am currently enjoying my spring break in the rain. Seriously though, I WILL enjoy my rainy spring break. I had one sunny day, so I can't complain. ;) Since it's spring break, it is time for me to start thinking about spring and Easter activities for home and the classroom. I have a few different ideas to share with you today.  Here is just a teaser, but if you head on over to my blog, you'll get all the details. :) One of these will be a freebie over there too!

Spring into Science:

Use the scientific method to figure out how to make an egg float:
Take a classic experiment and give it a twist to get your students thinking about the scientific method.

Hop into Reading:
Use the bunny to hop through words as you sound out. 
(I also included some vowel teams to replace the short vowels)

Build some "egg-cellent" words:

Place eggs in the basket to make words.

Make "egg-cellent" Inferences:

Read clues and make an inference about what is inside of the egg.

Head on over to my blog to see more!

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