Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Open Mic Friday

Hi everyone!  Happy hump day!  I have such a headache tonight from the 35 degree temperature drop we had overnight.  Blah!  I am keeping my post short and sweet today.  If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I love teaching writing workshop to my first graders!  One of my favorite units to teach is poetry!  We usually don't write poetry until April, but we do read poetry all year long!  Each week, we have a Phonics poem from one of the two books shown below {both through Scholastic}.  The poem depends on our word family or digraph/diphthong of the week.  We practice and read our poem each day.  It stays up on the pocket chart through Friday.  Then on Friday, I pass out individual copies for students to highlight their sight words and word family/digraph/diphthong that we are studying.   They also get to color the picture, which they of course love!  The poem goes into their folders and I select 4 students for "Open Mic Friday."  This is where I draw four names and four kids get to sign up to read a poem of their choice into the microphone. This is so much fun for them!  After I call the names, the students "buddy up." They get with a buddy and practice re-reading all of the past poems in their poetry folders.  If they are sharing that day, they will be especially particular about practicing the poem they want to read into the mic. To see more writing ideas, click here!  Click the "Open Mic Friday" poster below for your copy!

April will be here before you know it!  It's national  poetry month!!!


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  1. I love the open mic idea! I can't wait to read about more poetry ideas from you!


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