Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Motivate your students to WRITE!

Every so often, we just need a little fun, don't we? Here's a little writing activity I like to do with my kiddos. They get to create a superhero scene & the write about it! They LOVE it!

I glue two sets of googly eyes on each page of paper. Part of the fun & challenge is creating the scene around those googly eyes-- wherever they are on the paper! I tell my kiddos that they can create any scene & add their own characters....the only rule is one has to be a superhero. I was inspired by this picture I came across on Pinterest from House of Baby Piranha.

My sweeties LOVE drawing their characters! The beauty of this project is, as they're drawing the picture with the googly eyes, they're really planning their writing!  Characters.....setting....even the details of the story begins to develop as they complete the drawing!

After they've drawn their pictures, they use the planner to get their ideas down in writing. I also give them a word bank to help with some of those words they might want to use: super, villain, thought, secret, victory..... lots of words that'll help get those creative little minds whirling! 

I've bundled it all into a little mini pack for you....Just click the pic below to grab a copy! 

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