Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ten Apples Up On Top Freebie!

I love kindergarten!!!
We have been having so much fun working on our letters, numbers and colors- we do a lot of rainbow writing in our room!
Before I get into all of that and share my freebie, I wanted to show you a new little incentive that I've been using. . .
I'm a strict teacher. Fun. Loving. Strict.
I expect the best from all of my kiddos.
This year, I have really "low" kids and half of my class cannot write their name, despite daily name tracers.
I'm running our of stickers, and stamps don't seem that cool to my kids anymore.
So, I turned to clothespins.

I stuck these cute, felt owl stickers to clothespins last year and they have stayed in a box ever since.

Now, I just clip them on a child when I see them writing their first, last name and date.
The kids get so excited and now EVERYONE is trying their hardest to do these three things on every single assignment.

Our number of the day was 10!
So, we did the usual. . .
Grab this worksheet by clicking HERE

And read the obvious. . .
I have the characters that I illegally photocopied and I put them on knitting needles. As I read the story, I choose three students "sitting criss cross" to come up and "help" me. They add the "apples," which are really giant red beads, to each animal as he puts apples on top of his head in the story.
So fun!
We are also working very hard on patterns right now.
What better way to tie this all together, than to make a silly hat, right?!


Grab your freebie by clicking on the image below!
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Happy Tuesday!


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